The XQ Super School Planning Team

Our XQ planning team has been working on rethinking the American High School.  You can follow our work by visiting and

The Team

Providing a new opportunity to rethink the Amreican Highs School has educators and others excited about working together.  This is good for America and the rest of the world.  Having a good education is one of the most important keys to help mankind to enjoy their time here on Earth and beyond.

You can call on us if there is an educational matter that needs conversation, as we are available online and by phone.
Contact us today at 562-221-1780 to speak with us about the advantages of rethinking the American Schools.

What The Community Has to Say

"This is a very exciting project and makes it possible for teachers, scientists, engineers, commmunity leaders, public and priviate schools, parents and students to have a voice in rethinking our American Schools and schools around the world." Bob Barboza, Project Adminstrator