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The Super School Design Center is working with the Barboza Space Center to help with STEM projects related to space science and the launching of ten satellites with student science experiments.  Our students are working on science experiments and getting them ready for a new satellite that we are building.  Our goal is to build ten student satellites.  The Barboza Space Center needs your help.  You can following our project blog by visiting

The Super School Design Center Blog

What are thoughts about rethinking of the American High School?   Do we need to make changes or are things just fine the way that they are?   We invite you to read some of the conversations that are going on right now and you can add to the comments or write your letter to our editor at


Can former NFL football players make good astronauts? 

Bob Barboza had an oppotunity to talk with former Green Bay Packer Michael Montgomery and that is when he learned about his wonderful foundation.  We want to share his story on our blog.   Here is the link for the full story.